2008 Illegal Drug Use Information

The 2008 National Survey on Drug Use and Health has been released. This survey analyzes the drug and alcohol use of people in the United States 12 years-old or older. Here are some findings:

1. 20.1 million people reported using illegal drugs currently. Illegal drugs include pot, cocaine, heroin, acid, and illegal prescriptions.

2. Marijuana is the most popular drug, with just over 15 million people using it.

3. 1.9 million people use cocaine (crack or powder)

4. 6.2 million people took pills, such as Xanax or Oxycontin, without a prescription.

5. Meth users decreased to 314,000 people.

While possession of all of these drugs is illegal in Florida, there are different levels of crimes you can be arrested for. Possessing less than 20 grams of pot in Jacksonville is a first degree misdemeanor, but is you possess more, that is a felony. If you possess enough pot, you can even be charged with trafficking.

If you possess any amount of any of the other illegal drugs, you can be arrested for a felony in Jacksonville. If you are arrested on drug charges in Jacksonville or anywhere in Florida, consult a Drug Lawyer in Jacksonville if you have any questions.

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