25 New Red-light Cameras Go Up In Jacksonville Area

Jacksonville’s drivers are typically good drivers. However, people are known to make errors in their driving. This is where the police come in to ticket someone for driving incorrectly. However, the addition of red light cameras in and around Jacksonville has caused major concern, concern that should be addressed by and through an experienced Jacksonville attorney.

According to the Florida Times-Union, 25 new red light cameras are going up Jacksonville in the intersection areas that police have and highway patrol have deemed dangerous. The additional cameras come after the company Redflex traffic systems of Arizona presented a deal to Jacksonville’s law makers to increase revenue in citations by the addition of the cameras. Negotiations are underway between the city and Redflex, and the proposed locations of the cameras have yet to be released.

Jacksonville traffic ticket cases typically involve some sort of police officer, who, because of their understanding gained during police training, believes that the person is committing an infraction under the law and then tickets that person. The overarching question with cameras however, is once the human element for traffic violations is removed, what guarantees that the person will not have their rights abused?

A traffic or red-light camera’s basic function is to snap pictures of the person speeding or running a red light and send them a ticket, no officer required. A citation is then sent to the person who allegedly committed the traffic violation along with pictures or a link to view pictures of that person running the light. That person is then required to pay a minimum fine of $158 for the violation. The city believes that by adding these cameras around town, it will deter a majority of offenders from running red lights.

The objective behind adding cameras is a noble one. However, not all people stopped on the side of the road are guilty and not all people snapped up by a camera are guilty either. The police as well as other law enforcement agencies believe that the removal of the human element for error will alleviate the problem of bad tickets being written. Unfortunately, most citizens with computers know that machines do not always operate like they are supposed to.

When the police rely on these time-to-time faulty cameras to ticket its citizens, this puts more pressure on citizens, both mentally and legally, while driving. Not only do Jacksonville’s citizens have to be even more cautious for lights while driving, but they will also be subjected to the hassle of trying to prove that the red-light camera was wrong. This is an unfair burden on the accused to have to prove that one did not run the light, which violates the Due Process Clause of the Constitution.

When a situation happens like this, one has too options. One can either reluctantly pay the ticket, thus telling the police that their improperly functioning camera is good enough to give one a ticket for an offense one did not commit, or one can contact an experienced Jacksonville traffic violations defense attorney to fight for one’s case and ensure one’s rights are protected.

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