Actor Gary Coleman Arrested for Failure to Appear

Gary Coleman, the child actor who appeared on the TV show Diff’rent Strokes, has been arrested on a domestic battery warrant. Allegedly, Coleman did not appear in court on his scheduled court date.

If you are arrested in Jacksonville and fail to appear in court, a judge will issue a “capias”. This is a bench warrant where the judge tells JSO to bring you before him or her. A capias in Jacksonville will usually have a bond attached to it. That means once you are arrested on the capias, the only way you can get out of jail is to pay that bond. Sometimes, judges issue a “no bond” capias. This means you will not be able to bond out of jail and will not get out until your case is disposed of.

If you find out you have an outstanding capias, call a Jacksonville Capias Lawyer right away. A Jacksonville criminal attorney can possibly get you on the judge’s calendar without you having to turn yourself in to jail.

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