Addicted Jacksonville Pharmacist Charged with Drug Trafficking

Drugs can be some of the most addictive substances in the world, and unfortunately, when put in the proper place at the proper time, an addict as a pharmacist can be like a fox watching over a hen house. However, if one is charged with a similar offense, one should contact an experienced attorney to fight for one’s case and get the help and defense one needs.

According to the Florida Times-Union, Robert N. Classon, a pharmacist for Baptist Medical Center Beaches has been charged with drug trafficking. This charge comes after a Baptist manager reported that some drug inventory went missing, after which further investigation showed Classon was responsible.

Drug crimes in Jacksonville tend to be more common, as drugs tend to be the most common illegally transported good in Jacksonville. However, what is interesting and unfortunate about this case is that Classon himself is addicted to the substance that he was trafficking: hydrocodone.

Classon has been charged with drug trafficking, which means that Classon was transporting drugs and distributing hydrocodone; however, there is no evidence that Classon actually sold any of the hydrocodone. The police who arrested and took the report believe that Classon was selling, because of the amount of hydrocodone missing.

Pharmacists like Classon are expected to uphold an ethical and professional code and to not abuse the drugs that they are placed in charge of. However, behind the white coats and the profession itself, a pharmacist is still human. The desires of a pharmacist are human desires; they are prone to weakness. Classon is just like any other person who fell short and became addicted to a substance.

The same weakness that resides in most of Jacksonville’s residents resides in pharmacists as well. However, people accused of drug use, distribution, and/or trafficking, will sometimes be viewed as outcasts in society, as well as the law. However, people such as Classon, are people. They, like everyone else, make mistakes.

Classon needs rehabiliation, not a jail cell. Many defense attorneys, given Classon’s situation, will run. Classon was caught on camera taking hydrocodone out of pre-filled syringes and refilling them with Robitussin DM, on days when he was not supposed to be receiving shipments of hydrocodone. Given these facts, most defense attorneys will see no reason to defend someone in this situation.

However, an experienced Jacksonville drug crimes attorney will see a way to at minimum lower the charges and increase the probability that the accused will be given a rehabilitation measure rather than a jail cell. Do not risk your defense. Contact an attorney who believes in helping those who deserve an aggressive defense and helping one’s rights be protected.

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