After you are arrested in Florida, what can the police search?

In Jacksonville, if you are arrested, a police officer can search your person and the area immediately around you. An officer can do this to:

Protect him or her from attack.

Prevent the suspect from escaping.

If the police surrounded a house and ordered you out, once you are detained, they may do a “protective sweep”. This sweep is supposed to protect the police and can be conducted only when the officer has a reasonable belief, based on specific facts, that the area to be swept has someone posing a danger to others at the scene. The police can’t take any longer than is necessary to dispel the suspicion of danger because it is a warrantless search. The only purpose of the sweep is to find other people involved. Often, the police will claim to do a sweep, but are looking for evidence of the crime.

If you have been arrested and evidence was found as a result of an alleged “protective sweep”, a criminal lawyer in Jacksonville will look into the facts and circumstances to make sure proper procedure was followed.

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