Arrest Made In Jacksonville Mall Shooting

Jacksonville’s malls, shopping areas and other attractions can be the site of some interesting events, from kids going to see Santa during the holidays to the occasional car giveaway during the summer. However, one does not assume that a shooting will be one of those interesting events. However, in events like this, those accused still have rights and should obtain an experienced attorney to fight for their rights.

According to the Florida Times-Union, Keith Anthony Brown has been arrested for shooting a sunglasses kiosk worker within the Regency Square Mall. The shooting was said to have occurred after Brown identified another man with his girlfriend and began shooting at them. Unfortunately, the woman that was hit was in the way of the gunfire and was hit.

Jacksonville gun crimes cases typically are crimes of passion or negligence. Most crimes of this nature do not actually involve someone who has planned to shoot someone. Rather, crime of this nature are spur of the moment, be it from anger, depression, guilt, fear, or some other emotion that takes control. Unfortunately, the law tends to be emotionless.

Brown has been charged with two counts of attempted murder. Because Brown has a felony arrest record, he has also been charged with possession of a gun by a felon. These offenses are very heavy, carrying up to thirty years in jail for each of the attempted murder charges and another possible fifteen years for the possession of a firearm by a convicted felon charge. These charges can be horrible to face when considering Brown’s criminal record as well.

Many times in Duval County, as well as other counties in the surrounding area, the State Attorney’s office will file charges against someone who they feel they have a strong case against, such as Brown. However, the State Attorney’s office may not see some underlying facts that in the hands of an experienced Jacksonville gun crimes attorney might help Brown achieve a favorable outcome.

In Brown’s case, Brown was in a store across from where the intended target was. It was not until much later after the shooting that the intended victim came forward and helped identify the victim. This identification was made by Brown’s now ex-girlfriend and the man she was with. This may not seem like an important fact, but at second glance, it sheds some light into what might actually be going on here.

An experienced attorney would look at this same set of facts and see that this identification made by the intended victim was the only identification that tied Brown to the scene of the crime. This identification could have been made out of anger or intended harm towards Brown. There is already tension between Brown and his girlfriend and as an extension, the man that was with his girlfriend during the shooting. Brown may not have even been there, placing a doubt as to whether he actually committed the crime.

Many people in Jacksonville could face similar facts and similar gun charges and will need an experienced attorney who knows not only how to defend them based on the law, but who can analyze the facts and determine not only what actually happened, but know how to protect that person based on those concrete facts. One should not fear the legal system. One should hire an attorney who will be as just as aggressive on those charges as if they were facing those charges themselves.

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Additional Source: Jacksonville police: ‘Past conflict’ sparked Regency Square mall shooting, Dan Scanlan, The Florida Times-Union

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