Arresting Agencies in Duval County

Many agencies have the power to arrest people in Duval County. There are 13 different “arms of the law” that can detain you and ultimately put you in jail. Here are the names of some of the law enforcement agencies and the number of people they arrested in 2009:

The Atlantic Beach Police Department arrested 961 people.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office arrested 44, 801.

The Jacksonville Beach Police Departmentt arrested 1,798 people.

The Neptune Beach Police Department arrested 446.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement arrested 104.

The University of North Florida police department arrested 31.

The Jacksonville Port Authority arrested 26.

The Duval County School Board Police Department arrested 919.

No matter which police force arrests you, you have rights. Contact a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer to discuss your case and your options.

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