Arrests in Florida

Arrests of citizens is a daily occurrence in every county in Florida. As a Jacksonville Criminal Lawyer, I see firsthand how many people are arrested in Duval County. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement compiles arrests numbers every six months for all of the counties in Florida.

There was a total of 509,058 arrests from January to June 2010. Of that total, 350,664 were adult males, 107,624 were adult females, 37,424 were juvenile boys, and 13,346 were juvenile girls.

There was 387 arrests for murder, 1,330 arrests for forcible sex crimes, 4,835 robbery arrests, 14,129 burglary arrests, 2,863 grand theft auto arrests, 489 kidnapping arrests, 213 arson arrests, 7,517 fraud arrests, 74,139 drug arrests, 24,069 DUI arrests, and 3,046 weapon arrests.

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