Arrests Made In Nighttime Jacksonville Bar Shooting

Jacksonville’s citizens have heated moments in time when they overreact and attempt to do things that are not reasonable. However, some of those decisions can be based upon a sense of fear of the consequences of what might happen should they not retaliate. If one has been in a situation like this and is facing a criminal charge, one should obtain an experienced attorney to fight for one’s case and ensure one’s rights are protected.

According to the Florida Times-Union, Nicholas David Ortiz has been charged with attempted murder, shooting into a public establishment and battery and Daniel Leon has been charged with principal in the first degree in a nighttime shooting at Park Place Pub in Jacksonville. The charges came after Ortiz and Leon allegedly left the establishment after heated debate and fire shots at the bar while driving away.

Jacksonville felony violent crimes cases normally involve an actor who has done some act that constitutes a danger to not just himself but to everyone else around him. However, the reason behind the action is sometimes not looked into nearly as well as it should be to determine what actually caused the accused to do that action, and whether that action was against his or her will.

Many times, the State will assume that an accused party committed whatever crime they committed on their own volition without any prior coaxing or coercing, either passive or active. However, many modern crimes are being pushed by an economic duress that is causing people to react violently in their work, either legal or illegal.

Unfortunately for the accused, many times, the violent crime, particularly one involving a shooting, is motivated by other illegal activity. This does not excuse the first illegal activity; however, the fact that because of duress, a violent felony was committed, this may be seen as something to lessen the amount of time one might serve or serve to show that one would not have committed the crime but for the duress.

This defense is clearly seen in the following example: A poor man is stealing food to feed his family. It is a down economy and in order to ensure that his family is fed, he removes other people from the playing field of stealing food, violently. This individual did not want to harm his competition but wanted to ensure his family was fed, and was willing to do so at all costs.

Many times, individuals commit violent crimes that they do not have either the right mind for or they feel they have no choice but to commit. However, when one has been charged with committing that crime, one has only one choice that one should feel they have to make. One should obtain an experienced Jacksonville felony violent crimes defense attorney to fight for one’s case and ensure one’s rights and defenses are known and protected.

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