Attempted Robbery in Jacksonville Leaves Man Wounded With Gunshot Wound

A recent armed robbery has left one man wounded and several other men at large wanted for the crime, The Florida Times-Union reported.

Like many crimes involving theft, there are varying degrees in Florida, ranging from shoplifting to robbery. But regardless of what is alleged by law enforcement, it must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law. And hiring an aggressive Jacksonville Criminal Defense Attorney will help protect the defendant’s rights in Jacksonville robbery cases.

In this most recent case, authorities believe the man was walking near East Fifth Street just before 6:30 p.m. when three men walked up and one demanded that he “Give it up.” When the man, whom the newspaper reported was “elderly” but didn’t provide his age, began walking away, one of the alleged robbers fired a shot, striking the man in the back.

The three suspects ran away and the victim limped to a nearby house, where emergency crews were called. He suffered a bullet wound to his shoulder and the injuries aren’t expected to be life-threatening.

In Florida, under Florida Statutes 812.03, a person can face years to decades in prison if convicted of different forms of robbery.

Robbery charged in the first degree: This is when a person uses a weapon or even just carries a weapon. It’s possible that having a pocket knife on a keychain that isn’t used during the robbery could result in a first-degree robbery charge. In that case, the defendant faces up to 30 years in prison.

Robbery charged in the second degree: This is taking something from someone without using or carrying a weapon.

Some people get robbery and burglary confused, but there is a distinct difference. In burglary cases, a suspect steals from a building, house or vehicle. A robbery is stealing directly from a person. While there are cases where a person can commit a burglary where a person is present, the difference is possessions weren’t taken directly from a person.

Robbery is one of the charges that applies to the state’s 10-20-Life law that establishes minimum mandatory sentences for crimes involving weapons. Under the law, a person who uses a gun during a robbery faces at least 10 years in prison. If the gun is fired, the person must serve at least 20 years in prison. If someone is injured or killed, the sentence must be 25 years to life.

Proving a person was involved in a robbery can be difficult without eye witness accounts, video surveillance, fingerprints, DNA or other proof. But many of these pieces of evidence can be disproven and the credibility of witnesses, especially co-defendants who accept reduced plea deals, can be questioned. An aggressive Jacksonville Criminal Defense Attorney understand the severity of the penalties and what must go into defending these charges.

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