Bond Hearings in Jacksonville

When you are arrested in Jacksonville, you are entitled to a bond hearing. At the hearing, the judge has to make a determination about
1. whether or not you pose a danger to the community and
2. whether you are a flight risk
The judge has to let you have a hearing where a Jacksonville Bond Attorney can present witnesses on your behalf and argument. The criminal defense lawyer will argue your ties to the community, the length of time you have resided in Jacksonville, your employment, etc. The Jacksonville lawyer may also discuss your criminal history and whether or not you have failed to appear at any past court dates. The judge must consider all of these factors as well as the amount of proof the police and state attorney has against you. After considering everything, the judge has to decide a reasonable bond.

If you are arrested for a capital offense (first degree murder) or a crime punishable by life and the prosecutor demonstrates that the proof of guilt is evident and the presumption great, the judge does not have to give you a bond.

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