Bonding Out Before First Appearance Court in Jacksonville

As a Jacksonville Criminal Lawyer, we handle many bond matters, including bond reductions in Jacksonville. Our Jacksonville criminal law firm gets many questions about bonds, including when a person can bond out prior to appearing in first appearance court. (also called J-1)

Generally, when someone is arrested for a misdemeanor in Jacksonville, they are able to bond out prior to first appearance court. They types of crimes you can bond out just after arrest are petty theft, disorderly intoxication, or criminal mischief. The jail personnel will set the bond amount. If you are arrested for certain misdemeanors in Jacksonville, you have to appear in front of a judge who sets your bond. If you are arrested for DUI in Jacksonville or Domestic Battery in Jacksonville, the J-1 judge sets your bond or releases you on your own recognizance. (also called ROR) Also, if you are arrested on any felony in Jacksonville, you must appear in front of a judge to set your bond.

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