Bonds Reduced in Jacksonville

Yesterday, a Jacksonville judge held bond hearings for all of her criminal cases. The jail is overcrowded and she felt this would help. Seventeen bonds were reduced in Jacksonville as a result of this day of hearings.

When you are arrested in Jacksonville or anywhere in Florida, you are entitled to see a judge within 24 hours to address pretrial release. There are two reasons to set a monetary bond. To protect the community from any danger and to assure a defendant’s appearance in court. If you hire a Jacksonville Bond Attorney before going to first appearance court, that Jacksonville Lawyer can argue to the court that the inmate be released on their own recognizance or get a low bond.

If you are arrested for a felony, the judge in first appearance court cannot take care of your case. That judge will set a bond and give you a felony court date. You are entitled to have a felony judge look at your bond after your initial court date. A Bond Reduction Attorney in Jacksonville can get you another hearing date in front of the presiding felony court judge.

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