Bucket List Bandit Wanted For Ten Bank Robberies Driving Stolen Florida Vehicle

Some individuals in society feel that they need to enhance their lives with money and other valuables. However, the enhancement those individuals will face may be from the legal system, in the form of a sentence enhancement. If one has been arrested, one should contact an experienced attorney to fight the charge and ensure one’s rights are protected.

According to the Standard-Examiner, a federal arrest warrant has been issued for Michael Eugene Brewster, recently identified as the elusive bank robber known as the Bucket List Bandit, who may be driving a stolen rental car from Florida. This identification was made as a result of a telephone tip to the FBI’s office in Erie, Pa. Brewster was given the name the Bucket List Bandit because he allegedly passed a threatening note to a teller at a Wells Fargo Bank claiming he only had four months to live. Brewster is now suspected of robbing 10 banks across the country.

Assuming certain criteria are met, an individual can be charged with a federal theft crime rather than similar state statutes like those governing theft crimes in Jacksonville. An individual who crosses state lines in commission of the crime can be charged under a federal statute as opposed to a state statute.

Many times, when someone is charged with theft crimes like bank robberies, they are repeat offenders or serial offenders who have yet to be caught. In response to what seemed like spinning wheels, sentence enhancements were created to supposedly “deter” crime; in other words, make it less likely that someone will commit a crime, either for the first time or as a repeat offender. If someone is thinking about robbing a bank, the assumption is that one will be less likely to actually do the crime if one knows beforehand that one’s almost certainly looking at prison time.

Generally, sentence enhancements are facts and circumstances that allow the sentencing judge to increase the sentence that normally applies to the offense. With federal crimes, a judge will look to the US Sentencing Guidelines (USSG). The USSGs have sentence enhancements for many crimes. Likewise, Florida has its own similar sentence enhancement system.

Some examples of what usually lead to an enhancement in sentencing include:

– Having prior convictions, no matter the degree of the offense
– Being a habitual offender
– Using or merely having a gun or other deadly weapon while committing a crime
– Committing the crime near the location of a school or public playground
– Committing a crime against a child or elderly individual

In many cases, an individual like Brewster would be facing a situation where which a federal judge could sentence him to spend the rest of his life in a federal prison. However, if the federal courts do not have jurisdiction, then one’s experienced Jacksonville theft crimes defense attorney may be able to have one’s case remanded to Florida State court, where the mitigating factors in one’s case can be pled before a Judge, possibly resulting in a much more favorable outcome.

Many times throughout Jacksonville, accused parties face charges they never knew of and warrants they never thought would be out on them, and because of their lack of knowledge, they suffer at the hands of a very powerful, state-operated legal system. Fortunately, if one obtains an experienced Jacksonville theft crimes defense attorney to fight the case and ensure one’s rights are protected, one can be sure that one will not be a victim in a fight one cannot win on one’s own.

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