Can I get a Concealed Weapons Permit in Florida?

With crime on the increase these days, more people than ever are buying guns to protect themselves and their families. In Jacksonville and all of Florida, you cannot carry a gun that is concealed on your person or in your car unless you have a Florida concealed weapons permit.

In order to get a Concealed Weapons Permit in Florida, you must:

1. Be 21 years-old or over and a legal resident of America.

2. Not have any health problem that would prevent you from handling a gun.

3. Have not been convicted of any drug crime in Jacksonville or anywhere, and that includes possession of drugs within 3 years of your application.

4. Have not been committed to a mental health institution, unless you have a certificate from a psychiatrist who is licensed in Florida showing that you have not had any mental condition for 5 years.

5. Have not been convicted on any misdemeanor domestic battery charge unless certain conditions are met.

6. Have no injunctions in force against you that prevents you from committing repeat or domestic violence.

For more information about Florida Concealed Weapons Permits, click here.

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