Can Jacksonville Police be more efficient?

Jacksonville Mayor John Peyton has introduced his new budget and the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office gets $340.21 million, the largest amount. The goal, he says, is to fight the war on crime in Duval County with more resources.

Perhaps the police can use the resources they have more efficiently. For example, a police officer is patrolling in Mandarin and pulls someone over for speeding. It comes to the police officer’s attention that the driver is driving on a suspended license. It is up to the officer to decide whether or not to arrest someone for a driving charge. More times than not, the officers in Jacksonville choose to arrest these non-violent offenders.

When he chooses to arrest the driver, the arrest process begins. The officer has to write a report, decide what to do with the “abandoned” car, drive the suspect to the Duval County Jail in downtown Jacksonville, and book the suspect. This process usually takes about 2 hours. In addition to the fact the jail now has another inmate to add to its large population, a Jacksonville police car has been out of commission for about two hours. The on-duty police officer is busy dealing with a non-violent driver instead of patrolling the streets looking more dangerous situations. In the past, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office would have a van or a couple of vans driving around Jacksonville. When a patrol officer made an arrest, the van would pick up the suspect and deliver them and their paperwork to the jail. This one step allows the patrol officer to continue his patrol, while effectuating his arrest at the same time.

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