Charges of Unbecoming Conduct and Abuse of Authority Sustained Against JSO Officer

As a Jacksonville criminal lawyer who whose practice is 100% criminal defense, I am constantly dealing with police officers who have made decisions about my client’s liberty and life. Police officers are one of the few class of people in our society who can kill you with virtual immunity and it is of vital importance that the men and women who wear the uniform be of sound mind and temperament.

JSO officer, Darin Bickle, has received a reprimand for unbecoming conduct and abuse of authority. He was mad at a Lowe’s employee about the warranty on his pressure washer. When Bickle did not get his way, he told the employee he was a police officer, yelled, and pointed his finger in the employee’s face. Bickle told the employee he is a police officer who helps people and this employee was about to help him. Bickle admitted he was out of control.

This is not Bickle’s first problem at work. He was cited for incompetency 2 years ago and did not take appropriate action last year.

A police officer who gets “out of control” about a pressure washer has no business walking the streets of Jacksonville with a gun and the power to use it. What if he was in a high stress situation and loses control again?

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