Chicago Police Officer Out on Bail for DUI Homicide

A Chicago officer was arrested for reckless homicide and leaving the scene of an accident for causing an accident that killed a 13 year-old. Richard Bolling originally was in jail on a $2 million bond, but it was later reduced to $1 million.

At first, Bolling refused to blow into the breathalyzer. After his supervisors advised him it is in his best interest, as a law enforcement officer, for him to follow the law, he reluctantly blew .08. It took other officers 8 additional hours to convince him to give blood.

In Florida, if someone dies in a traffic accident, there is no question of consent. If someone is killed as a result of the accident or suffers great bodily injury, the police can make you give blood. The blood is usually drawn at the scene of the accident and given to the licensed EMT for analysis. The results of the blood draw usually take around 3 months to be processed.

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