Child Found with Marijuana in Class

In a city west of Jacksonville, a child was found with marijuana at school. The child, a three year-old, was told on by another child in the class and teachers found less than 20 grams of marijuana on the child. Lake City Police say they don’t know how the child got the pot.

If the child was an adult, he could be charged with possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana. This is a first degree misdemeanor punishable by up to 1 year in jail.

If someone possesses more than 20 grams of pot, they can be charged with a third degree felony. This crime is punishable for up to 5 years in prison.

If you are convicted of possession of marijuana, the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles will suspend your driver’s license for 2 years. They will suspend it even if the marijuana was not found in your vehicle.

If you are arrested for any drug charge, you should contact a Jacksonville Marijuana Lawyer to discuss your rights before you make a decision. Not only can the drug charge effect your driver’s license, it can effect your liberty.

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