Clay County Arrest and Crime Information

As a Clay County Criminal Law Firm, our attorneys view crime statistics for Florida, particularly Northeast Florida. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement (also called FDLE) keeps track of crime statistics from all counties in Florida and releases the information.

Clay County, Florida had a total of 9,103 arrests in 2010, just down from the 9,578 arrest number the year before. Of that total, 8,038 were adults and 1,065 were juveniles arrested in Clay County. FDLE reports that there were 63 rapes, 117 robberies, 578 aggravated assaults, 906 burglaries, 3,322 thefts, and 162 grand theft auto crimes in 2010.

Different law enforcement agencies in Clay County were responsible for making the arrests. The Clay County Sheriffs Office arrested, by far, the most at 7,787. Next is the Green Cove Springs Police Department that arrested 467 people. The Orange Park Police Department arrested 411 people. The other agencies were the Florida Highway Patrol, Clay DEP Division of Law Enforcement, DABT Clay, and the Florida Game Commission.

Theft crimes in Clay County are even broken down by category in the Uniform Crime Report. There was one pick pocketing incident reported in 2010, three purse snatchings, 702 shoplifting incidents, and 162 stolen cars. Of the total amount of items stolen, $365,136 was cash, $878,846 worth was jewelery, $137,753 was clothing, $1,032,480 was cars, and $276,807 was TV’s, Radios and Stereos.

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