Crime in Florida – Nassau County

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement puts out the Uniform Crime Report every year. The report details, county by county, arrest and criminal data compiled for the previous year.

In Nassau County, Florida during 2010, a total of 2,547 people were arrested. Of the people arrested in Nassau, 246 were juveniles arrested and 2,301 were adults. Under violent crimes, FDLE reports that 6 rapes were committed, 24 robberies were committed and 162 aggravated assaults took place.

Of the theft crimes in Nassau County, there were no pick pocketing charges and no purse snatchings reported. There were 123 instances of shop lifting, 329 thefts from cars, 20 car parts, and 39 bicycles stolen. There were 54 grand theft auto charges in 2010. In the reported thefts, the Uniform Crime Report also lists values of the goods stolen. There was $107,669 in case stolen, $265,478 worth of jewelry stolen, $752,223 worth of automobiles, and $118,846 worth of TV’s and stereos stolen.

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