Crimes Against Computer Users

There are several crimes in Florida that cover computer, or cyber-crime. It is against the laws in Florida to willfully and knowingly (without authorization):

1. Access any computer or computer system or network.

2. Disrupt computer services to authorized users.

3. Destroy or injure equipment or supplies used in computer systems or networks.

4. Introduce contaminant (bugs or viruses) into any computer system or network.

If you commit any of the above and damage a computer or its equipment and the damage is valued over $5000.00 or commit the crime as a scheme to defraud, or interrupt a government operation, you are facing 15 years in prison because the crime is a second degree felony in Florida.

If you commit any of the above and endanger someone’s life, you could be arrested for a first degree felony in Jacksonville. If arrested for this felony in Jacksonville, you are facing up to 30 years in prison.

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