Criminal Fines in Jacksonville

When you are arrested in Jacksonville for any criminal infraction, unless your charge is dropped completely, you will probably have to pay a fine and court costs. Even violations of municipal ordinances require some type of monetary payment.

In Florida, fines for the following crimes cannot go above:

1. $15,000 for a life felony
2. $10,000 for a first or second degree felony
3. $5,000 for a third degree felony
4. $1,000 for a first degree misdemeanor
5. $500 for a second degree misdemeanor or non-criminal violation (municipal ordinance)

There are exceptions to these limits if the higher fine is spelled out in the Florida Statutes. If you are convicted of first DUI in Jacksonville, for example, the fines and court costs are around $1600. The fines for DUI (drunk driving or DWI) in Florida are set by the Florida Legislature and change periodically.

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