Criminal Records May Not Hinder Jacksonville Residents Thanks To Sealing and Expunging

Jacksonville can be one of the busiest cities in America, especially during the holiday season. This city is filled with people going here and there, giving and receiving, and stressing for the holiday rush. Unfortunately for some, this time will also include criminal charges, such as shop-lifting or DUI charges. However if one is able to seal and expunge that record, the record may not effect them in the future.

Florida Statutes 943.0585 and 943.059 list the criteria that allow an adult’s record to be sealed and/or expunged. One of these criteria is that the crime does not fall into a number of certain crime categories. These include:

Aggravated AssaultAggravated Battery
Sex Crimes on a child under 16
Robbery Illegal use of Explosives
Child Abuse of any kind
Abuse of the Elderly
Domestic Battery
Any Attempt at the above crimes
The above mentioned crimes cannot be sealed or expunged. Furthermore, in order for the Court to consider whether to seal or expunge one’s record, one must first apply for a Certificate of Eligibility. By receiving this certificate of eligibility, one’s record is then allowed to be sealed and/or expunged.

Unfortunately, even if one’s records are sealed and/or expunged, the order to seal and expunge one’s record only applies to the government. There are many ways other than through government agencies that a potential employer might find your records. However, going through the process of sealing and expunging your records can better ensure your chances of complete privacy with your records.

This process can be long and exhausting. Having an experienced Jacksonville criminal defense attorney help one seal and expunge one’s records can speed up the process and make the road not so long and winding.

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Additional Sources: Seal And Expunge Process, by Gerald M. Bailey, Commissioner, The Florida Department of Law Enforcement

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