Cristian Fernandez Charged With Jacksonville Sexual Battery Crime

Jacksonville prosecutors rarely see charges as anything but black and white. If the defendant is guilty, then the guilty party should be punished severely. However, with an experienced Jacksonville criminal defense attorney at one’s side, the defense can argue the mitigating and alternative evidence to show the defendant’s innocence, negligence, and argue against their guilt.

Jacksonville Juvenile crimes cases tend to be simple and relatively quick cases to move through the system. However, in the case of Cristian Fernandez, the defense is not giving up.

Jacksonville Criminal Attorney Blog has been reporting on the new developments in the Cristian Fernandez case. However, a charge change has been a shock to not only the defense, but the court of public opinion.

According to The Florida Times-Union, Cristian Fernandez has been freshly indicted for the sexual assault of his five-year-old half brother. This indictment has been freshly motivated by a new allegation from the 5 year old half brother that Fernandez had molested him. The half brother spoke up to authorities well after the arrest of Cristian Fernandez for the original murder charge.

Prosecutors tend to try to metaphorically throw the book at defendants, especially those defendants who are as high-profile as Cristian Fernandez. In cases like these, the court of public opinion weighs heavily and therefore, the prosecution wants to look as though they are tough on crime and are the bringers of justice. However, justice is not always harsh punishment.

The State Attorney’s office has brought another “life-felony” charge upon Fernandez. This means that the felony charge he is indicted for, if convicted, can carry a life sentence. The State Attorney’s office has stated that they do not want to have Fernandez serve a life sentence; however, prosecutors do not always live up to their word.

Fernandez is currently facing a murder charge, which Fernandez’s defense team is not willing to give in to. As such, the State Attorney’s office has turned their hopes to the sexual battery charge.

It is the hope of many prosecutors, by charging the defendant with every possible charge that could stick, to overwhelm the defense. For most defense attorneys, when their client is charged with multiple crimes, and the defense is spread thin monetarily, the defense will give in to the prosecutor.

If you are in a situation such as this, do not settle for a defense attorney who will leave you holding the bag. Get a defense attorney who will fight for your case with the best defense possible and the strongest will power available.

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