David Cassidy Arrested for DUI in Florida

Child star, David Cassidy, was arrested for DUI in Ft. Pierce, Florida, a city south of Jacksonville. The Florida Highway Patrol alleges that Cassidy’s car weaved in the lane and almost caused a traffic crash on the Turnpike. Once he was pulled over, Cassidy told the Florida trooper that he had one glass of wine prior to driving and took a hydrocodone pill. The trooper asked if Cassidy would perform field sobriety exercises and he agreed. The exercises and interactions were captured on video.

As a Jacksonville DUI Attorney, I watch DUI videos very carefully. I first want to hear how my client is communicating with the officer. Are they speaking clearly and making sense? If so, that is an argument against impairment. As a DUI Lawyer, I am also watching to see if my client weaves as he or she stands or walks. When my client is asked to perform the field sobriety exercises, if they agree, I watch each and every movement.

There are many different exercises the police ask someone to perform if they are under suspicion for DUI in Jacksonville. The first is the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus (also called HGN). This is where the officer, not a doctor or optometrist, is tasked with evaluating eye movements and degrees of onset of shaking in the eye. This test is usually conducted late at night, lit only by streetlight on the side of the road. After this test, police move on to the Walk and Turn. In this exercise, you must walk heel to toe on a line 9 steps down and 9 steps back. The next typical exercise is the One Leg Stand. You must stand with one foot in the air 12 inches off the ground for 30 seconds without putting your leg down, hopping, or swaying. The Rhomberg Alphabet is another exercise where you must recite the alphabet correctly without singing it. After the exercises are completed, you will most likely be arrested for DUI. Only after you have been arrested for DUI will you be given the opportunity to blow into the breathilizer.

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