Depositions in a Criminal Case in Florida

Criminal trial lawyers in Jacksonville take depositions. Depositions are sworn out-of-court statements taken before a trial. If you are arrested for a felony in Florida, your criminal defense attorney should conduct depositions of all the witnesses listed in your case.

Conducting an effective deposition is key to any criminal case. Our Jacksonville Criminal Defense Attorneys go into each deposition like we are going into trial. Depositions are taken well before any trial and an good deposition can lead to the case being dropped or resolved short of trial. A criminal lawyer can ask the witnesses almost anything, even if the answers would not be admissible in a trial. The questions can reveal witness’ possible bias and motivation to lie in a case.

If you are arrested for a misdemeanor in Florida, you are not automatically entitled to depositions. If good cause is shown, like a witness refusing to speak to the criminal lawyer or an investigator, depositions may be conducted in a misdemeanor case, such as a DUI.

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