Detroit Police Officers, Judge, and Prosecutor Arrested

Detroit Judge Mary Waterstone, prosecutor Karen Plants, Police Sgt. Scott Rechtzigel and officer Robert McArthur have all been arrested and charged with felonies for their misconduct in a felony drug case. All are accused of official misconduct, which is punishable for up to 5 years in prison, and the two police officers are facing life sentences on perjury charges.

The judge is accused with allowing the officers to lie under oath, with her permission, and with the prosecutor’s blessing. The judge also did not allow the criminal defense lawyers access to certain evidence in the case.

The prosecutor is accused of changing the testimony of the police to “protect” the identity of a confidential informant that set up the drug deal.

The two men who in the original drug case are serving time in prison. The police and prosecutor thought that they were big drug dealers and used whatever means possible to convict them.

If prosecutors and the police believe that “the ends justify the means”, we will live in a very scary country. We have rules in the criminal justice system for a reason. If we deny a defense to those who are “obviously” guilty, then the system becomes subjective. Once subjective, only the chosen few will determine guilt and then the whole system will be corrupt.

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