Disney Employee Fired in Florida for Possibly Carrying his Gun in his Car

A Florida man was fired from Disney because he wouldn’t let the company search his car. He disagrees with Disney’s policy that it is exempt from the new Florida law that allows employees with a concealed weapons permit to have their guns int heir locked cars. This firing will almost certainly end up in the Florida court system and will test the limits of the new gun law.

Over the past three years, the Florida Senate wrestled with the competing interests of the Second Amendment right to bear arms and private property rights.

One issue with the new law is that the employer cannot find out which of their employees have a concealed weapons permit because that information is exempt from public records searches. Under the law, employers cannot even ask their employee about it. Business owners also object to the law because it restricts their ability to set rules for their employment on their own property.

The gun lobby doesn’t want private business owners telling their employees and customers what constitutional rights they can or cannot have on their property.

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