Domestic Battery Penalties in Jacksonville, Florida – Batterers Intervention Program (BIP)

When you are convicted of Domestic Battery in Jacksonville, you will be sentenced to attend Salvation Army’s Batterers Intervention Program. (also referred to as BIP) This is a 26 week course. You must pay for and complete an Assessment. You then must then pay for and attend an Orientation. After these are completed, you have to attend and pay for weekly sessions and complete homework assignments. You can be thrown out of the program at any time at the discretion of the facilitator.

This program is designed for men who are arrested for Domestic Battery and is focused toward accountability, but how effective has it been in stopping domestic violence in Jacksonville?

The Salvation Army has the contract in Jacksonville to conduct the program and 100% of its attendance is referred from the criminal justice system. (men arrested for Domestic Battery) With all the money invested in this program in Jacksonville and the significant criminal consequences if these men are kicked out of the program, there are many questions that should be answered by Salvation Army:

How many men successfully complete BIP compared to the total amount assigned to the program?

How many men are kicked out of the program yearly?

How many men are kicked out of the program for not being able to pay the costs?

How many men are arrested for Domestic Battery after completing the program?

Are men evaluated to see if they can read the homework they are given before they are thrown out of the program?

How many times do the men attend a class, but do not get credit for it?

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