Domestic Violence in Florida

We are a Jacksonville Domestic Violence Law Firm and represent many people charged with crimes involving violence. Our Jacksonville Domestic Battery attorneys constantly analyze crime reports involving reported claims of violence.

There are several crimes that are enhanced by there being a domestic relationship between the defendant and victim. The state of Florida compiles the statistics of reported domestic violence and issues a Crime in Florida Report semi-annually. This year, from January to June, here are some of the numbers relating to domestic violence:

Domestic forcible rape crimes went down by 5.3%. Domestic aggravated assault crimes went down by 5.1%. Aggravated stalking went down by 23.9%. Simple assault went down by 1.8%.

The relationship of the parties also varies. Of the 1049 domestic forcible sex offenses, 61 offenders were the spouse of the victim, 58 were the parent, 285 were the child, and 150 were the sibling. Of the 44,371 domestic simple assault charges, 9,820 were committed by the spouse of the victim, 5,119 by the parent, and 2,754 by the child.

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