Donte Stallworth’s Case in Florida for DUI Manslaughter

NFL player, Donte Stallworth, recently entered a plea to DUI manslaughter in Miami, Florida. His plea agreement with prosecutors recommends that he spend only 30 days in jail followed by 2 years house arrest and 8 years probation. The state attorney cited his cooperation, lack of criminal record, and financial settlement with the victim’s family as reasons for the sentence.

Stallworth’s sentence for DUI manslaughter is considered a “departure”. Normally, if you are convicted of the DUI manslaughter in Florida, there is a 4 year minimum mandatory. That means you have to serve 4 years day for day. If you have no criminal record, your guidelines are around 10 years. Guidelines are minimum sentences the court should follow unless the state attorney waives them or the court cites reasons to depart from them. The maximum Stallworth was facing was 15 years in prison.

If Stallworth had not been a wealthy NFL player, the chances he would have received that same sentence would have been greatly diminished.

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