Drug Court Will Continue in Jacksonville

In the 2008-2009 budget proposed by Jacksonville mayor John Peyton, $250,000 was added to fund Duval County drug court. Drug Court is for non-violent people charged with felony drug offenses. It was started in 1994 and if you successfully complete the program, the state attorney will drop the drug charges. Drug Court’s focus is treatment and there are different levels of treatment offered. You have to be evaluated by River Region, a drug treatment center, and they will evaluate what level of treatment you need.

Jacksonville Drug Court has 10 key factors for success:

1. Drug Court integrates drug/alcohol treatment with the criminal justice system.

2. The state attorney and the criminal defense attorney cooperate to aid you in your recovery while protecting your rights.

3. As a criminal defendant with drug charges, you are identified early as a candidate for Drug Court and are placed there quickly.

4. You are tested frequently for drug and alcohol use.

5. Drug Court provides treatment for free.

6. You essentially will be on a “case plan” for success.

7. You will go before the judge on a regular basis to monitor your progress.

8. Your progress is monitored and evaluated to assure your success.

9. Many disciplines are used in the Drug Court process.

10. Cooperation with other public agencies enhances Drug Court’s success.

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