Drug Use Among Juveniles in Florida

We are a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Firm and represent many people charged with drug crimes in Northeast Florida, even juveniles. When a juvenile is arrested in Jacksonville or anywhere in Florida, they are entitled to the same constitutional safeguards as adults. It is very important to consult with a competent juvenile criminal defense attorney in Jacksonville if your child finds him or herself arrested.

The Florida Department of Children and Families, among other duties, surveys juveniles all over Florida about drug and alcohol use. The Florida Youth Substance Abuse Survey questions Florida youth every year on a variety of topics. One topic is their alcohol and drug use. According to the 2010 survey, here are some of the responses:

Marijuana or Hash Use – 3.8% of 6th Graders, 9.7% of 7th Graders, 17.9% of 8th Graders, 25.9% of 9th Graders, 33.7% of 10th Graders, 36.9% of 11th Graders, and 40.7% of Seniors.

Cocaine or Crack Use – 1.1% of 6th Graders, 1.8% of 7th Graders, 2.4% of 8th Graders, 2.6% of 9th Graders, 3.3% of 10th Graders, 4.5% of 11th Graders, and 4.9% of Seniors.

Meth Use – 1% of 6th Graders, 1.4% of 7th Graders, 1.5% of 8th Graders, 1.4% of 9th Graders, 1.3% of Sophomores, .9% of Juniors, and 1.4% of Seniors.

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