DUI Arrest in Jacksonville Leads to Murder Charge

A 39-year-old Jacksonville man faces a murder charge after he allegedly crashed his truck into a barrier on Interstate 95 in Jacksonville, The Florida Times-Union reports.

The charge stems from an allegation that he killed a woman he was sharing a home with.Murder charges in Jacksonville require an attorney with extensive experience handling these kinds of cases because a person’s liberty, and possibly their life, is at stake. An experienced Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer must be consulted and used on a case of this magnitude.

According to the news article, a 61-year-old woman was found dead by her daughter recently. Police said there were no signs of forced entry into the home.

The man was arrested by authorities after he allegedly drove a truck into a barrier on the highway. Police said he went into medical distress during police questioning after his alleged use of Fentanyl patches. He was taken the hospital and later re-questioned. For the alleged driving under the influence, he was charged. He also faces a charge of murder.

The article, however, doesn’t make clear why police believe the woman was killed by another person and why they believe this man committed the crime. The article states the two lived together, but that isn’t proof he did the act.

The fact that there were no signs of forced entry doesn’t necessarily show that this suspect committed the crime, either. It’s possible the woman was at home and let inside someone else she trusted. Additional details might make clear why investigators narrowed their search solely to the woman’s roommate.

What’s left unsaid in the article is what the defendant may have told police during questioning. It is important for anyone who is a suspect in a crime or has been arrested and charged with a crime not to speak with police without first talking with an attorney.

Courts have ruled that police are allowed to lie to suspects. They can say they have evidence they don’t; they can tell suspects they have three witnesses who saw the person around the crime scene when they have nothing and they can say a co-defendant fingered them when they haven’t.

A detective’s goal isn’t to make friends with a suspect or treat them fairly. The detective’s only goal is to get a confession. His or her job depends on it and they constantly get pressure from their bosses, especially in a murder case. So, the best advice for someone who finds themselves sitting in a small room at a desk in police headquarters with two officers is not to sign a waiver of rights and simply say they aren’t speaking until they get a lawyer.

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