DUI Arrests in Jacksonville – When can the officer hold you beyond giving you a ticket?

Many DUI stops in Jacksonville begin with a traffic infraction. The officer says that you broke a traffic law in some way. The most common traffic violations are speeding, weaving outside your lane, and running a red light. If the JSO officer observes you committing a traffic violation, that gives him or her a reason to pull you over. Once the officer makes contact with you, he or she is supposed to give you a ticket in a reasonable time period.

In may arrests reports in Jacksonville, upon making contact with you, he or she notices the odor of alcohol coming from your breath and that you have bloodshot and watery eyes. The officer is then off to the races with a DUI investigation.

In order for the officer to detain you beyond giving you a ticket, the officer has to have reasonable suspicion to believe you are committing a DUI in Jacksonville, Clay County, or wherever in Florida he or she pulled you over. If the officer cannot note enough facts that would justify “reasonable suspicion”, a Duval County DUI Attorneyt can attack your detention and subsequent arrest.

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