First DUI Charges in Jacksonville – Probation

If you are convicted of DUI (Driving Under the Influence) for the first time in Jacksonville, Florida, there is a minimum punishment called the DUI First Minimums.

At a minimum, you will be placed on 6 months probation to do the following:

– Perform 50 hours of community service.

– Complete DUI school.

– Complete the Mothers Against Drunk Driving Victim Impact Panel
– Lose your license for 6 months if you blew into the intoxilyzer or if you refused, 1 year.

– Impound your car for 10 days.

– Pay a fine.

A DUI carries a mandatory adjudication. That means that for the rest of your life, you will have been convicted of a crime. At a maximum, you could receive 6 months in jail on a first DUI. Any DUI, even a first, carries significant consequences and should be looked at by an experienced DUI lawyer.

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