DUI Criminal Penalties in Florida – Interlock Device

In Florida, if you are convicted of DUI (also called DWI, drunk driving, or Driving Under the Influence), you may be required to get an Ignition Interlock Device. This is a device that is placed in your car. Once installed, the driver must first pass a breath test before the vehicle can be started. Once the car is started, the driver must pass additional breath alcohol tests while operating the vehicle. All of the results are recorded as well as any attempts to operate the car without first passing a breath alcohol test. The user of the device must have it periodically inspected and your activities are reported to authorities.

On a first conviction for DUI, the Interlock Device is required only if ordered by the Court, but if your blood alcohol level is .20 or higher or you had a minor in the car at the time, the Court can order the device for up to 6 months. On a second conviction for DUI, you have to get the device for at least 1 year. If you had a .20 blood alcohol level or minor in the car, you have to have the device for at least 2 years. On a third conviction, you have the interlock for at least 2 years. Having the Interlock Device is a costly venture. There is a fee to install it and a monthly monitoring and rental fee.

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