DUI Offenders in St. Johns County

Over the holidays, St. Johns County police found it necessary to initiate “Operation Blue Christmas”. They actually had police officers sitting outside the homes of people who had been convicted of DUI (Driving Under the Influence) in St. Johns County to watch and see if they came outside and got behind the wheel of a car. If you are convicted of a first DUI in Florida, your license is suspended for 6 months if you blow over the legal limit or 1 year if you refused. In either case, you are eligible for a hardship license to drive to work or school after 30 days on a 6 month suspension and after 90 days on a 1 year suspension.

It is not clear how long these officers waited outside each house for someone to come out. It is also not known if the officers bothered to check whether these people they arrested did in fact have a hardship license.

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