DUI on a Lawnmower

When most people get arrested for DUI (Driving Under the Influence) in Florida, they have been driving a car. DUI law prohibits you from driving a “motor vehicle” while impaired. Police in Marion County arrested a man last week for DUI on a riding lawnmower. Police say Ron Martin was riding a lawnmower on a road and drove it into a bus.

When police made contact with Martin, they noted the typical “clues” of impairment that almost every officer notes in a DUI arrest. They smelled the odor of alcohol coming from his breath, saw bloodshot, watery eyes, heard slurred speech, and said that Martin was unsteady on his feet. In a Jacksonville arrest for DUI, JSO DUI officers almost always note these observations.

Marion County police also arrested Martin for grand theft because the lawnmower was stolen.

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