DUI Sobriety Checkpoints in Jacksonville

Our Jacksonville Law Firm handles 100% criminal defense cases. Many of our cases are DUI (Driving Under the Influence) related. Of those Jacksonville DUI arrests, several stem from checkpoints. These Florida checkpoints are branded as “safety” stops, but are mostly used to arrest people for DUI and Driving on a Suspended License in Jacksonville.

Between today, February 10, 2011 and the end of June, the Florida Highway Patrol will be conducting checkpoints in Duval County and Clay County. In Jacksonville, some of the locations of these mandatory stops are:

Forrest Blvd.
Old Middleburg Rd.
San Pablo Rd.
St. Augustine Rd.
Spring Park Rd.
Powers Ave.
Shindler Dr.

Some locations of the mandatory stops in Clay County are:

Doctor’s Lake Dr.
County Rd. 209
County Rd. 218
Old Jennings Rd.

The FHP is going to inspect cars and make sure you are driving with a license. If the troopers detect any odor of alcohol or question your behavior, you may be arrested for DUI.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office is also conducting their own DUI checkpoint. This Friday, February 11th, JSO will be stopping cars from 10:00 pm to 1:00 am at 4727 Sunbeam Rd.

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