DUI Sting in Nassau County, Florida

Over this past Labor Day, Nassau County, Florida participated in Florida’s “Labor Day DUI Enforcement Wave”. This was an effort to detect impaired drivers without using a DUI checkpoint. The Nassau County Sheriff’s Office watched all drivers looking to traffic infractions and signs of impairment. There were 4 arrests for DUI as a result of this program.

Many DUI arrests in Jacksonville start with a traffic ticket. If you commit a traffic infraction, the police can pull you over to write a ticket. Once they make contact with you, inevitably they will smell the odor of alcohol on your breath, see that your eyes are bloodshot and watery, and hear slurred speech. This gives the officer reasonable suspicion to ask you to perform field sobriety exercises. Once you complete the exercises, the officer has the discretion to arrest you for DUI in Jacksonville if he or she believes they have probable cause. A Jacksonville DUI Lawyer can investigate each step of your arrest to see if the police followed the law. A DUI Law Firm in Jacksonville can also evaluate your performance on the Field Sobriety Exercises.

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