Duties of the Prosecutor and Criminal Defense Attorney in Jacksonville

After an arrest in Jacksonville, different attorneys have different duties to our criminal justice system. The assistant state attorney is the person prosecuting the case. It is their job to bring the highest charge against a defendant that they think they can prove. They are encouraged to discuss the case with the Jacksonville criminal defense lawyer and to try to reach an agreement. The prosecutor, after the arrest, can drop the charges, make a recommendation to the judge about a sentence if the defendant enters a plea straight up to the judge, or agree to a specific sentence. The state attorney HAS to tell the judge all material facts known to them relating to the crime and relating to the defendant’s criminal background.

The criminal attorney also has responsibilities. A criminal lawyer in Jacksonville cannot make a plea agreement with the prosecutor without the full consent of the client. The criminal defense lawyer has to tell the client all offers from the prosecutor and keep the client advised of all matters relating to the case. A good criminal defense law firm will be highly accessible. Our criminal law firm, The Forbess Law Firm, is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Problems don’t just happen from 8:00 to 5:00. That is why one of our Jacksonville criminal defense lawyers is available anytime to discuss your case.

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