Duval County Crime Information for 2010

Our Jacksonville Criminal Defense Law Firm follows crime statistics in Jacksonville and the surrounding areas. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement keeps statistics from all regions in Florida regarding the reported crimes in that area every year.

According to the Uniform Crime Report for 2010, a total of 46,019 crimes were committed in Jacksonville, 5,842 were classified as violent and 40,177 were classified as non-violent. Adults arrested totaled at 41,384 and 4,207 juveniles were arrested in Duval County. Total domestic violence crimes committed were 7,798. Domestic violence crimes in Jacksonville are murder, manslaughter, rape, forcible fondling, aggravated assault, aggravated stalking, simple assault, and stalking.

Property crimes in Jacksonville are robbery, burglary, and theft. The total number of robberies committed in Jacksonville in 2010 were 1,773. The total number of burglaries committed in Jacksonville last year was 9,998. The total thefts, including grand theft auto charges committed in Jacksonville was 30,179. The Uniform Crime Report also reports the values of items stolen in the commission of these property crimes in Jacksonville. The amount of cash stolen in 2010 is $5,512,428. The total value of other items stolen in Jacksonville last year, such as jewelery, clothes, cars, tv’s, and guns, is $59,074,647. Of the total value stolen from citizens in Jacksonville, only $15,297,873 was recovered.

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