Duval County Jail Overcrowded

The Duval County Jail now is now over capacity by 673 inmates. Officials point to high bonds on certain cases and less negotiated sentences with the state attorney’s office.

When someone is arrested in Duval County, they are entitled to go to court within 24 hours of arrest for a judge to determine if there was probable cause for arrest and to establish a bond or release them on their own recognizance. (also called ROR) Officials point to very high bonds that are set in Jacksonville. Jacksonville has some of the highest bonds in Florida.

Officials also cite less plea negotiations taking place with the state attorney’s office. The state attorney’s office does not have to make offers in any criminal case, but if they did not, the system would be hopelessly overloaded.

Right now, if you are arrested for a third degree felony, you cannot enter a plea in first appearance court. (also called J-1) Officials have suggested that allowing people arrested for these felonies in Jacksonville to have the ability to enter a plea in J-1 if they wish.

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