Duval County Juvenile Statistics

Juvenile justice has always been an important part of the criminal system, but with Jacksonville’s high crime rate, it is more important than ever. According to the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice:

– 4,163 Jacksonville juveniles were charged with crimes during 2006-2007.

– Of that number, 765 juveniles were charged with violent crimes.

– The number of juveniles charged with violent crimes increased 4.5% from the 2002-2003 fiscal year to the 2006-2007 year.

– During 2006-2007, 87 Jacksonville juveniles were transferred to adult court. That means they will face the same amount of prison time an adult would. The decision whether or not to transfer a juvenile to adult court belongs to the Duval County State Attorney’s Office.

– 988 Jacksonville juveniles were put on probation during 2006-2007.

The goal of the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice is to offer treatment, prevention, and intervention services to youths and their families. In the juvenile system, the focus is on rehabilitation, not punishment. If the juvenile and their families get a glimpse of the criminal justice system, maybe they will not want to come back.

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