Eye-Witness Testimony May Not Be Enough To Convict On A Jacksonville Gas Station Robbery

Jacksonville’s criminals can be notorious for not being convincing in the crimes they commit, particularly crimes such as theft crimes. However, the penalties for those crimes do not have to be convincing, and show their real force when these people reach the legal system. Fortunately, there are options that an experienced attorney can provide for one in a situation like this.

According to The Florida Times-Union, the Jacksonville police are on the lookout for a man who allegedly tried to rob a Gate gas station with his finger. This report came after the man came into the gas station, pointed his finger through his shirt like gun, and told him to give him all of his money. Neither the gas station attendant nor the customers in the store took him serious, at which point the man fled. The police have a full description of the man, as he was not wearing a mask.

Jacksonville robbery crimes are interesting in that most occur with similar circumstances. Many times, gas stations are the target. Most gas station attendants realize this, and as such, have geared up to knows the signs of a robber, how to identify whether they are dangerous, and what to do when that danger is present. However, personal preparedness is not the only manner in which gas stations are protecting themselves.

Video cameras and surveillance have increased in use due to break-ins and robberies. These cameras have led to an increase in the apprehension of a suspect who looks like the person in the video footage who is arrested and charged with that crime. However, just because someone fits a description on a video camera does not mean that they did the crime.

In the case of a robbery, which is a first-degree felony, one can serve up to thirty years in jail for the crime, even an attempted and not completed robbery. A defendant cannot take a risk in allowing the camera footage to be used as the evidence that convicts him. If one accused of a crime such as this obtains an experienced Jacksonville theft defense attorney to fight for one’s case, one will be presented with a set of defenses that one use to prove one’s innocence.

In this particular case, the man in question was tied to the scene by surveillance footage and an eye witness accounting that seemed extremely accurate. However, eye witness accountings are easily mistakable and as such, the person accused of the crime is often not the person that the eye witness testimony said it was. Meanwhile, the accused is subject to ridicule within the legal system, attorney’s fees, and other costs that could have been avoided had the crime been investigated further, rather than making an arrest on very limited information.

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