Lake City Police Post Video Surveillance Of Burglary, 20 Citizens Respond

On January 27, 2016, according to a report, the Lake City Fleet Maintenance Facility was burglarized with a burglar going over or through a fence and breaking into several vehicles.  The city facility had a decent quality video surveillance system and during their investigation the police obtained the video history of the night in question.  The police then  posted the videos of the burglary on various social media .  According to the report, the combined social media reach of the law enforcement posts was over 38,000 people.  Over twenty people called in saying they could identify the suspect.  One caller worked for the Florida Department of Corrections,  recognized the burglar as a person already on felony probation.  The Lake City Police, after using  social media to determine the suspect’s identity then again used social media to enlist the help of the local community and determined the location of the suspect.  The suspect was arrested with the Police Chief stating that without the public’s help law enforcement would not have been able to identify the suspect.  Many homeowners and businesses now are installing extremely high resolution video systems with multiple camera angles.  This writer has had experience with homeowners who post the video surveillance recording on social media even before calling law enforcement.  They provided the potential suspect’s identity to law enforcement about the same time as the initial incident reports were being generated.

Fitness Trackers Track Steps, Heart Rate, Locations And Sleep

The latest craze of fitness devices provide a history of our body’s activity or lack of activity over 24 hour blocks of time.  Any device above the entry level model also tracks location and heart rate.  In civil and criminal cases these devices are being used by attorneys and law enforcement to either corroborate statements of the accused or probe the credibility of such suspects or witnesses with the data off of the devices.  Law enforcement has been using the pings off of cell phone towers for years.  This use of the trackers, coupled with the cell phone pings, can really leave a history of one’s movements.  It is a requirement of most states that a person on sex offender probation wear a GPS tracker for between three to five years after release from prison.  Those tracking devices are precise enough to determine if the person is in the house, what part of the house, the back patio or the back yard for example.  Almost everyone in today’s world carries a cellphone.  Even a good number of  the government provided cell phones commonly referred to as “Obamaphones” are tracked according to The Racket ReportThis writer has even proved a probationer’s location with the help of records from a CPAP, or sleep apnea breathing machine.  The writer obtained records from the company the probationer leased his machine from.  The records showed what time the man put the machine on, the levels of his breathing at different times and a very short time period where the man got up from bed for what turned out to be a bathroom break in the middle of the night.

Some People Catch And Convict Themselves With Their Media Posts

The desire to use social media to show the whole world what one has going on in one’s life is really detrimental to some folks.  Some people like to comment on the running beef they have with another person.  Many like to chime in on an incident, many times a criminal incident, that happened in the recent past.  Some attempts at witness intimidation are launched on social media. There have been numerous stories lately of robbers showing off their recently acquired loot and their weapons.  Some marijuana growers and dealers even post pictures holding  huge marijuana buds while hiding or covering up their faces but have, in the photos, really distinctive and identifiable tattoos showing on their arms, chest and necks.  One of the most common posts causing problems is the fellow who is a convicted felon or is on felony probation and not allowed to be around guns, proudly displaying his weaponry.  Many folks post homemade rap videos displaying a love of guns, drugs and violence.  All of the above mentioned examples are from the personal experience of this writer.  Local law enforcement and state attorney office investigators are proficient at instantly locating social media posts that can be damaging as a case proceeds and, ultimately, being something that a judge takes into consideration in a bad way at sentencing.

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