Five Fort Lauderdale Firefighters Charged With Forgery

Many times, people may find an easier way to make a few extra dollars by not telling the entire truth on forms, applications, and in some situations, will forge documents in order to steal. If one has been accused of forgery, one should obtain an experienced attorney to fight the case and ensure one’s rights are protected.

Four City of Fort Lauderdale firefighters have been arrested and a warrant has been issued for one former firefighter on charges of using bogus medical certification cards in a yearlong corruption investigation. According to Ft. Lauderdale Police, the investigation began when a routine audit by the State of Florida’s Department of Health in August of 2011 discovered a sketchy document. After investigations were complete, the firefighters were charged with uttering a forged document, grand theft, official misconduct and conspiracy to commit perjury. Another was only charged with uttering a forged document and official misconduct.

Forgery is the illegal action of with complete knowledge and intent of creating, using, and or altering false and fake documents which sole purpose is to defraud and deceive another individual or group of individuals. Forgery also includes the act of replicating art, coins, money, and stamps.

The most common forged documents in Jacksonville include personal checks, credit cards, identification cards, driver’s licenses, contracts, financial documents, legal documents, legal certificates, and signatures.

One can be charged with forgery if you knowingly and with intent pass along, transfers, or deliver forged documents to another individual or group of individuals. Even if the defendant did not originally forge the document, you can still be charged with forgery if the prosecution proves that you intended to provide the forged documents to another individual.

Many times, an accused individual may be charged with multiple counts of forgery, exposing the accused to possibly decades in prison. Each forgery charge is a third degree felony, carrying a maximum sentence of five years in prison. If convicted, one can be facing very strict penalties ranging from fines, jail time, probation, to great amounts of community service. Most claims of forgery occur in the workplace, whether it’s one’s own employer, a fellow employee, or police who charge one with illegal business practices.

If one is convicted of forgery, one may face many penalties set by the court, such as prison sentences lasting up to ten years, expensive fines, convictions on one’s permanent record, probation time, restitution, and community service. Afterwards, one’s reputation may be tarnished professionally, often making it difficult to find employment, obtain a loan, or buy a house.

When one has been charged with a crime such as this, one should obtain an experienced Jacksonville forgery crimes defense attorney. One should not throw their possible defenses to the wind. Without an experienced attorney, one could face a difficult time in proving one’s defense. Don’t let this happen to you. If one is a suspect of forgery, one should get a defense; the best defense possible.

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