Florida Animal-Sex Probationer Arrested For Dealing In Stolen Property

Florida Animal-Sex Probationer Arrested For Dealing In Stolen Property
Carlos R. Romero of Ocala Fl., previously on probation for sexual activity with a miniature donkey is back in jail on unrelated charges. Romero was arrested on a warrant for dealing in stolen property and violation of Florida’s pawnbroker act. Ocala Police say he stole 16 train batteries. Romero previously accepted a plea offer from the State Attorney’s Office for a year of probation and a $200 fine, avoiding jail at the time. He pleaded guilty to sexual activity with a miniature donkey named Doodle. Since then, Romero says he has been living in the woods or his pickup truck and eating food from Dumpsters. Romero was unaware of the warrant for his arrest and thinks the charges are bogus.

Many do not understand the basics of wrongfully obtained property and the penalties associated with it. Many think that simply being in possession of stolen property, means that one has committed a crime; however, this is not the case. The basic scenario of dealing in stolen property in Jacksonville occurs when someone steals and then sells the stolen property to a middleman, called a “fence”—who in turn re-sells the property to a third person, typically a pawn shop, tow company, or junk yard. The statutes under Florida Law punish both the initial thief and the fence.

Simply purchasing property one knew or should have known was stolen does not mean one can be properly charged with Dealing in Stolen Property if there is no evidence that one actually intended to resell the property. However, one may still be convicted of either Grand Theft or Petit Theft if it is proven one knew, or should have known, the purchased property was stolen.

Dealing in Stolen Property in Jacksonville is governed by Florida Statute 812.019. According to Florida Statute Section 812.019, a Jacksonville Criminal Defendant commits Florida Dealing in Stolen Property if he or she trafficks in (or endeavors to traffic in) property that he or she knows or should know is stolen. Basically, if you pawn or sell something that you know is stolen, you could be charged with Jacksonville Dealing in Stolen Property.
For example, a person pawns an old wedding ring at a pawn shop in Jacksonville. It turns out that the wedding ring was reported stolen in a burglary in Jacksonville. At the pawnshop, the person was required to give the pawnbroker a Florida driver’s license. From this information, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office (JSO) may run a pawnshop check and learn that the person pawned stolen items, most likely resulting in the accused’s arrest for burglary, dealing in stolen property, and false verification in ownership
In this case, Romero did not know he had an active warrant out for his arrest. In some cases like this, if one does nothing, one may be arrested when one least expects it, as a police officer will arrest one if he or she discovers the Jacksonville Arrest Warrant. If one is in a similar situation, one should obtain an experienced attorney to have the warrant or capias recalled and if the warrant is invalid, be able to show that warrant’s invalidity.

Many accused parties throughout Jacksonville face criminal charges of this nature all of the time. For some, the reality of lengthy jail time is coming fast leaving no way to fight back. However, if one in this situation obtains an experienced Jacksonville theft crimes defense attorney to fight the case and ensure one’s rights are protected, one will be able to know that one will have the best defense possible to one’s charge and that one will be able to move on from this bump in the road to the future.

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